Incorporating Podcasts into Your Teaching


I think the main thing the pandemic and school closures have highlighted for me personally is how rooted in the past some of my teaching practices were. Education as a whole has been slow to transition to incorporate more technology for a variety of reasons. But as Elon Musk is building a spaceship to go […]

Setting Boundaries for Teacher/Parent Communication


If you know me, you know that I love technology. I use technology every single day in my classroom: taking attendance using Google Forms, teaching calendar math on the interactive whiteboard, using a document camera to model multiplication arrays, completing a Nearpod lesson the types of rocks…the list goes on and on. I think that […]

Setting Up Routines in Your Classroom – And Never Be Late to Specials Again


Let’s walk through a typical day in an elementary classroom, shall we? 8:45   Students enter the classroom like sweet little cherubs. 8:46   Two excuses, one bus change note, four envelopes with lunch money, and seven permission slips now cover your desk. 8:49   Get students started on their morning work. 8:50   Time to quickly check to […]

How I Use Class Dojo as a Restroom Sign-Out Tool


Evvvvvery August, I, like thousands of other teachers, find myself searching Pinterest for ways to make my classroom run more efficiently. One aspect of classroom management that I never felt like I had the perfect solution for was restroom sign-out. We are required to keep a log of student name, date, and time, for anyone […]