How I Use Class Dojo as a Restroom Sign-Out Tool

Evvvvvery August, I, like thousands of other teachers, find myself searching Pinterest for ways to make my classroom run more efficiently. One aspect of classroom management that I never felt like I had the perfect solution for was restroom sign-out. We are required to keep a log of student name, date, and time, for anyone who leaves the classroom to use the restroom. With 20ish students, this adds up and can eat up a lot of instructional time.

I have used a binder; kids took forever to write their names, figure out the time, and -oops!- the pencils need sharpening. I have written down the info myself; I had to stop whatever I was doing to write down a name and sometimes I would be too wrapped up in what I was doing to actually remember to do it. I have done QR codes and Google Forms; loved being able to do it virtually, but it took up just as much time as writing it down.

Then, I had an epiphany.

I had finally ditched the clip chart in favor of Class Dojo (I know, I know) and I was loving the immediacy of adding student points. If it took the students literally 3 seconds to give themselves a point, why not use this as a restroom sign-out tool? I had to make sure that it still fit the requirements of documenting each student name, time, and date. I also wanted to be able to log the length of time that they were out of the room. Class Dojo to the rescue!

So here’s how it works: 

  • Add a new skill called “Restroom,” or whatever you would like it to be called.
  • Set the point value to zero. This way, kids aren’t being awarded points for using the restroom. Can you imagine?!
  • When students leave the room to use the restroom, just have them tap their name and select the restroom skill.
  • If you want to be able to see how long they were in the restroom, have them do the exact same thing when they return. I initially set up both “Restroom – Out” and “Restroom – In” skills, but found it to be unnecessary.

Class Dojo for Restroom Sign-out Instructions

It’s seriously so easy.

Let’s say I want to look at who left the room that day to use the restroom and for how long they were gone. You will use the reports feature in Class Dojo and scroll through your list of students. I wish that Dojo had the option to filter by skill, but that is not currently available (despite my many emails and messages.) So here I can see that Hugh left for the restroom at 9:49 am and returned at 9:52 am.  I can also print these reports should I need to submit them to my principal.

Class Dojo Restroom Report

In my classroom, I like my students to add/subtract their own Dojo points. They use an iPad or the Smartboard to do this throughout the school day. This means I don’t have to do anything to sign them out or in from the restroom. If you use Class Dojo and like to be in charge of student points, you can still implement this system. You will just have to be the one signing them out. The few seconds that this takes is still way better than writing anything down or using a Google Form.

Ok, so let me blow your mind with some other advantages to this system. Recess duty. There are always a handful of kids who ask to use the restroom during outdoor recess. My teammates and I all have access to each other’s classrooms on Dojo. This means that I have the ability to record any student from the entire grade level who goes inside, what time they left, and what time they returned. All from the Dojo app on my phone in a matter of seconds.


Class Dojo Restroom ReportIn addition to keeping a detailed record of who is out of the room, the reports are also fabulous as a discussion tool with parents. Have a kid who magically has to use the restroom for 15 minutes every day during math class? You can print out a spreadsheet to show mom and dad the exact time that their child is leaving the classroom and for how long. If you have a student who needs to visit the nurse for daily medications, this would also be a great way to log his or her trips.

Class Dojo is such a fantastic platform – don’t even get me started on digital portfolios! I hope you find this restroom sign-out tip helpful. Even if you do not use Class Dojo as a classroom management tool, you can still use this for restroom sign-out! I can only imagine the time that I am saving every single school day by not having students waste time with a traditional restroom sign-out sheet. Let me know in the comments below what other non-traditional ways that you use Class Dojo in your school!



class dojo as a restroom sign out tracker

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  1. What a smart idea! Do you keep an iPad by the door area for them to check in and out on.? Do you have trouble with them signing out under wrong name? I love using it for portfolios. As well as parent communication. Do you have any suggestions oh how to get those reluctant parents to join? Every year I have two to three parents who just won’t join.

    1. Hello!
      So I am lucky enough to have an extra iPad that I have mounted to the whiteboard. We use this iPad for Dojo. It is at a good height for students to add Dojo points themselves and we can also take it down and carry it with us to specials! I have never had trouble with them using other people’s names. I allow them to choose their own monster or avatar (you can even make it their face!) I told parents at Open House that Dojo would be used frequently for parent communication, photos, and special announcements. I had a few who still hadn’t signed up after a few weeks so I sent home another letter. They finally all did!

    1. Hey! YES – it is so cool and I just found out how to do it this year! So if you go to Edit Class and then select a student, that’s where you have the option to change their monster. From there, use the drop-down next to “Class Dojo Monsters” and select “Create New Set”. Then you can upload any image and make a custom set! So you could have the students take a selfie and then save it to your computer, upload them and call it “Class Selfies”. Then you just select the photo for each student and save. I hope that helped!

  2. I can’t wait to add this to my current DOJO skills! As a 1st year teacher, I’ve tried (and failed) at a few bathroom procedures. I use Class DOJO religiously, so this should be a breeze! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Love the idea of a digital record of the bathrooms instead of writing names and times. One quick question…since students have access to clicking their own point option, have you ever had students give themselves extra points or try to dock another student points instead of using it correctly? I teach some smart kids who can be sneaky! Any tips?

    1. I totally considered this! Fortunately, I have never had any issues with kids being dishonest and giving themselves points instead of “restroom”. I actually have had kids tell me they accidentally hit a different one by mistake! Every once in a while I will open the Reports feature of Dojo and check to make sure it doesn’t seem like anyone is getting lots of extra points. 😜

  4. I use a similar app and think it is a fabulous idea – BUT I have one big question….Since the award disappears from the screen…how do the other students know that someone is out? Do you ever have more than one student out of the room at the same time because they didn’t realize a friend had also left for the bathroom? Or do you have another symbol or visual so they know a girl is gone and no other girl can go? That type of thing? I think this works fabulous for keeping track, but I’d worry that without having a pass or some other visual system, that multiple students would go at the same time.

    1. Great question! I also have a magnet board by the door with numbered magnets for each student. When they leave the room, the move their magnet over to the appropriate category (restroom girls, restroom boys, other teacher). This way I can quickly look and see who isn’t in the room. You’re totally right, kids would go with their friends 😉

  5. I’ve been looking for something electronic for years now so I could abandon the sign out sheet – this is a superb idea! I just tried it out and clicked “View Spreadsheet” – I only got that the student left twice for the bathroom, but no date and time like your example above. Can you tell me how I can see that? If I can’t, then this won’t work for me as a sign out 🙁

    Thank you!
    Wendy T.

  6. How do you prevent students from giving themselves points if you use it for classroom management and as bathroom sign out? Do you have separate “classes?”

    1. Fortunately, I have never had any issues with kids being dishonest and giving themselves points instead of “restroom”. I actually have had kids tell me they accidentally hit a different one by mistake! Every once in a while I will open the Reports feature of Dojo and check to make sure it doesn’t seem like anyone is getting lots of extra points. 😜

    2. Fortunately, I have never had any issues with kids being dishonest and giving themselves points instead of “restroom”. I actually have had kids tell me they accidentally hit a different one by mistake! Every once in a while I will open the Reports feature of Dojo and check to make sure it doesn’t seem like anyone is getting lots of extra points. 😜

      I don’t have separate classes but the other teachers in my grade level and I all share classes with each other.

  7. I love this idea!! I am a first time user of ClassDojo and am wanting to know how you have the kids add/subtract their points on the iPad that you have mounted. Like when you have various numbers of students doing the correct behaviors, do you have them all go up and add points or do you do it when it is more than one student? The same for subtracting points? Thank you for the share!!

    1. Unless the entire class has earned a point, I always have the students do it themselves. It gets them up out of their seats and gives them ownership of their behavior. Even if it takes a few seconds, I feel it’s worth it for them to do it independently!

  8. So just to clarify, in order for students to check in/out thay must be logged in to the teacher’s account NOT their own? Makes me hesitate with wiley fourth graders lol

    1. You would be logged into whatever you
      usually use for Dojo as classroom management. The Teacher account allows you to project/display every student’s monster so they can sign out easily!

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