Why You Should Be Teaching Calendar Math in Your Elementary Classroom


Last week, I posted a question on Instagram: “If you are a K-5 teacher, do you teach Calendar Math in your classroom?” I was surprised to see that only about 35% of teachers responded with a yes. So then I asked another one: “If you don’t teach Calendar Math in your classroom, why not?” Can […]

Why You Should be Using Google Forms to Give Your Students Multiplication Tests


Third grade teachers of the world, this one’s for you. The teachers who cut out hundreds of multiplication flash cards each year. The teachers who create games, centers, and activities to help their students learn facts. The teachers who come up with elaborate incentives to motivate their students. The teachers who spend hours upon hours […]

How I Use Class Dojo as a Restroom Sign-Out Tool


Evvvvvery August, I, like thousands of other teachers, find myself searching Pinterest for ways to make my classroom run more efficiently. One aspect of classroom management that I never felt like I had the perfect solution for was restroom sign-out. We are required to keep a log of student name, date, and time, for anyone […]